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Andreas Kerstan

Kerstan, Andreas


Vita Andreas Kerstan

Andreas Kerstan was born 1957 in Ludwigsburg / Germany. Already as a young man he discovered his passion for art and started to paint and doing sculptures in his teenager years. However, being a young father at the age of 19, he decided to study economics and to pursue a career in business.

Over the years he became an Executive in the IT industry and worked in various roles and countries - last one being South Africa. In all these years he stayed connected to his passion for art in collecting art and supporting local artists.

At the beginning of 2010 Andreas Kerstan retired from business and dedicated himself to his lifelong dream to return back to his own artwork.

In 2008 he started to create the first of his head sculptures. Based on simple tools which we use or used in our daily life, like clocks, radios, typewriters or telephones he creates his new sculptures.

In 2011 he had his first exhibition in Vienna / Austria and opened his own gallery in October 2011 in Weissach im Tal, Germany. In 2013 he moved his gallery to Backnang, Germany.

In the center of his work is the modern human being, who is unfree in his decisions - a clock is in our heads, winded up by a key used by someone else, pressuring us by media or phones. Each day is repeated again and again triggered by the clockwork in our heads.


Exhibitions and Awards (extract)


2014 Awarded by the city of Herrenberg, Germany

Exhibitions (extract)

2013 Antik & Kunst, Sindelfingen, Germany
2013 Impulse, Osnabrück, Germany

2013 RegioART, Lörrach, Germany

2013 Arte Accesibile Milan, Mailand, Italy

2013 Art'pu:l, Pulheim, Germany

2013 B.AGL ART afFAIRs, Berlin, Germany
2013 Art&Design, Feldkirch, Austria

2013 Parallax Art Fair, London, UK

2013, Straßburg, France
2013 Spectrum, Miami, USA
2014 ArtExpo, New York, USA

2014 Kölner Liste, Köln, Germany
2014 Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany

2014 ArtDesign, Feldkirch, Austria
2014 Spectrum, Miami, USA
2015 artpalmbeach, Palm Beach, USA

2015 Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

2015 ArtExpo, New York, USA

2015 Rhy Art, Basel, Switzerland

2015 Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany 

2015 Art International Zürich, Switzerland

2015 Spectrum, Miami, USA

2016 ARTe, Sindelfingen, Germany

2016 ArtExpo, New York, USA


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