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Janet Bothne

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Bothne, Janet


Janet Bothne grew up in Massachusetts and studied Fine Art with a focus on painting at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in the early 1980‘s. From there she went on to numerous endeavors including antique restoration, freelance portraiture and illustration, and painting commercial murals.

She moved to the Los Angeles area in 1996 where she married her artist‘s eye with computer skills, becoming a graphic designer and humorist for a silk-screen company — but her passion for drawing and painting pushed its way to the forefront of her life in 2003, when she quit her job to pursue her dream.

Over time, her foundations in realism have given way to a fresh, bold abstract expressionism that allows her to explore color as her sole focus and subject matter.

In the short time that Bothne has been painting full-time, her works have garnered awards at three Southern California juried shows and her collectors now span across the U.S. and abroad.



We respond in a variety of ways to color and color combinations - the mere mention of color in song or verse can evoke a stream of emotions from calm to ferocity. Most people have favorite colors. Street gangs think they own them. The fashion world selects a few to elevate to celebrity status each season. But color is a mischievous playmate. It changes with light or context – it can dance or collide.

With paint, I weave my colors, searching for the exquisite relationships that might bring about that harmonious hum or violent discord– the immense number of possible combinations make it a task that is both exhilarating and exhausting to contemplate. By allowing the color to “drive”, I become the vehicle and the first-hand observer. I don’t expect every combination to yield perfection, I only hope to enjoy moments of awe, calm or intensity during the process, and to share them with the viewer and realize that there is also beauty, life and electricity found in the imperfect, unexpected arrangements as well.

Color is a mood enhancer and through paint it is my natural anti-depressant. I see color akin to musical notes. It’s no coincidence they both are described in terms such as soft, loud or bright – they have keys and tones. I experience muted colors as chords and saturated colors as crescendo. It is naïve to think we can control color; we can merely coax it and observe. It is alive and ever changing and once you acknowledge its power as your teacher, it becomes your ally in the struggle not to struggle.

EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS (Selected 2005 - 2014)


Solo Exhibitions:

2014 Backstreet Café – Santa Fe, NM
2013 Maison Décor/Gallery – Provincetown, MA
2013 Palette Contemporary Gallery – Albuquerque, NM
2013 Gallery 9 – Culver City, CA

Group Exhibitions:

2014 Galerie Junggeburth – Spectrum Miami Art, FL
2014 Beverly Hills Art Show – Beverly Hills, CA
2014 Jeanie Madsen Gallery – Santa Monica, CA
2014 Copperwood Artware – Orange, CA
2014 Santa Monica Museum of Art – Santa Monica, CA
2014 Factory on 5th Gallery – Albuquerque, NM
2014 Palette Contemporary Gallery – Albuquerque, NM
2013 Artamo Gallery – Santa Barbara, CA
2013 Pasadena Showhouse – Arcadia, CA
2013 Dwell Magazine Showhouse – Hollywood, CA
2013 Santa Monica Airport Art Walk – Santa Monica, CA
2013 Hale ArtSpace – Santa Monica, CA
2013 Santa Monica Museum of Art – Santa Monica, CA
2013 Copperwood Artware – Orange, CA
2012 ART Expo, Miami; FL
2012 Summer Session, PS Zask Gallery
2011 Small Works, The Whole 9 Gallery
2011 Liminal Examinations, PS Zask Gallery
2011 March Masters, The Happening Gallery
2010 Outside the Abstract, The Whole 9 Gallery
2010 Devise and Evolve, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery
2010 The Topless Project, Hollywood Loft
2009 Artists Talk: Janet Bothne, Karen Florek, TAG Gallery
2009 Janet Bothne, Karen Florek, TAG Gallery
2009 Works For Everyone TAG Gallery
2008 4th Anniversary Open House Event, Santa Monica Art Studios
2007 3rd Anniversary Open House Event, Santa Monica Art StudiosPast Exhibitions and Events



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