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Victoria Arendt

Arendt, Victoria


Victoria Arendt was born in Toledo, Ohio.

Growing up the youngest of four girls in a small town just outside of Toledo. This quiet town allowed for a very simple and routine upbringing. During this childhood is where Victoria was first introduced to the world of art through many trips to the Toledo Museum of Art. It was on one of these trips where Victoria's inspiration was molded through a masterpiece by Richard Estes' "Helene's Florist". Amazed by the precise detail and realism displayed, this fateful encounter serves as the moment in time where art became love.

As Victoria grew, so did her desire to explore and experience the world. This yearning for exploration led her to Corporate America, where her detail and work ethic shined. During these years, her success also afforded her the opportunity to pursue her passion for exploration and adventure.

After years of hard work, her desires drifted back to her love for art. This is when she said "My soul spoke to me, urging me to not ignore my artistic side any longer". At this point, she picked up her brush and has been painting daily in her studio ever since.

Victoria Arendt moved from St. Petersburg to Sarasota where she currently works out of her art studio.



Life, family and simplicity: These subjects serve as the inspirations expressed in my work. A deep love for my family and my youth inspire the foundation for my work. This foundation aligned with the simplicity of daily life captured in my work, allows the viewer to realize that while life is a journey, the moments along the way are what make it special.

Painting to me is extremely intimate. I search for beauty in simple things. To do this I choose subjects found in scenes from everyday life. Leading the viewer through the moment captured, I invite them to step inside momentarily and submerse themselves in the beauty of the scene that is normally missed in our hectic lives.

Photography of daily life reveals images commonly missed by us all. Through my lens these simple images come to life. I then chose a photo from which I will paint. From this point I begin layering the highest quality oil pigments on either canvas or linen. Taking time to develop the underlying scene to be revealed to my audience.



2016 Spectrum Art Fair Art Basel, Group exhibition, Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, Miami, USA
2016 Inernational Art Fair Rotterdam, Group exhibition, Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, The Netherlands
2016 ARTe Inernational Art Fair Sindelfingen, Group exhibition, Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, Germany
2015 Spectrum Art Fair Art Basel, Group exhibition, Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, Miami, USA
2014 Spectrum Art Fair Art Basel, Group exhibition, Gallerie Susanne Junggeburth, Miami, USA
2013  Mainsail Art Festival, St Petersburg, Florida, USA
2013 Soft Water Studios, St Petersburg, Florida, USA
2012 Holiday Art Show, St Petersburg, Florida, USA
2012 Happening Gallery, Venice, California, USA

The Artist presents her paintings on a video



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