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About us

US-Arts is a German online gallery of contemporary fine art supporting the works of art by American artists.
The company was founded in 2013 by Susanne Junggeburth, the sole proprietor.

After 15 years of management consulting in finance and accounting, she was looking to embark on something
new and mind boggling—given her fascination with American art, the transition was a natural fit.

Why American Art?
Since 1992 Susanne Junggeburth was regularly visiting numerous museums, art festivals and art villages in the U.S.
"My desire was born to establish contacts with the American artists and to bring their art to Germany.
The quality and the presentation of the works are of utmost importance to me," she explains.

"Our goal is to produce limited editions of the highest quality, make exquisite artworks affordable,
publicize American artists in Europe and ultimately delight and satisfy our customers.
This is why we've chosen to work only with experts in all aspects of the business."


Let yourself get inspired!

The fascination of art is usually difficult to put into words. A work of art is not only captured by keen intellect.
Artwork is captured by all senses and by heart as well.


  • Cheryl Edwards
  • Red Dot Art Fair, Miami 2012

  • Victoria Arendt
  • Art Fair, St. Petersburg 2012, 2013
  • Janet Bothne
  • Red Dot Art Fair, Miami 2012
  • John Brady
  • Mainsail Art Festival, St. Petersburg 2013


  • Victoria Arendt
  • Former Studio, St. Petersburg 2013
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